Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Why this title?

Though the title appears a bit odd to some people, it is not at all surprising to those who know Lewis Carroll (who do you think wrote 'Alice in Wonderland'?). He used the two characters to discuss very subtle philosophical issues in a very humourous way. These characters also got more popular as they appeared in Hofstadter's 'Godel, Esher and Bach' book. Most of the postings in this blog will be broadly in Computing, Artificial Intelligence, cognitive Science, philosophy, psychology etc etc.

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2lc said...

Hey I never knew any of my classmates would be classy and will have good taste in books. Though I hate you guys in general(except those two or three), count me on as your blog reader. Of course, much of the AI part will not get into my head. But I try! Keep writing. do not stop as many would do after those initial posts.